Short Term Rental Management

Providing management services in Canada, USA, and Dubai!

At SHossaini Estates, we specialize in comprehensive property management tailored for Airbnb hosts. Catering to both commercial and residential real estate, we also have a unique expertise in managing cozy cottages.

  • Say Goodbye to Low Occupancy

    We lead property management companies averaging over 80% occupancy rates for all our properties! Our dynamic pricing software offers tailored flexibility, adapting to real-time market conditions, local events, and seasonal demand.

  • Sound Monitor Security Device

    A Sound Monitor Security Device protects properties from potential disturbances or damage by detecting excessive noise levels, ensuring guest compliance with house rules and maintaining neighborhood peace. It's proactive property management, safeguarding host reputation and community relations.

  • Superhost Status

    We're recognized for exceptional service and reliability on Airbnb. This badge of trust enhances property visibility, increases booking rates, and assures guests of a high-quality stay, directly boosting revenue and reputation for property owners.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We'll jump straight to the point. At just 15% of the nightly rate, our pricing offers clients comprehensive STR management, ensuring optimal occupancy and revenue. Given the range of premium services we provide, such as our sound monitor and dynamic pricing, our fee ensures maximum ROI.

  • Property Inspection & Documentation

    Our Housekeeping on-site manager inspects your property after every guest leave and document any damage or issues. We make any necessary claims via AirCover or use funds from security deposit to cover the damages.

  • Coordinate Housekeeping

    Get access to our network of professional Housekeepers. Coordinating and scheduling housekeeping guarantees properties are consistently guest-ready, enhancing the guest experience. Efficient housekeeping turnover minimizes booking gaps, maximizing occupancy and revenue for Airbnb/STR owners.

  • Inventory Management & Replenishments

    This ensures consistent guest experiences by maintaining stock levels of essentials. This prevents shortages, reduces complaints, and enhances reviews, elevating the property's reputation and leaving you stress free.

  • Guest Reviews

    Reviewing and encouraging guest feedback bolsters property visibility on platforms, driving more bookings. Positive reviews build trust with potential guests, while constructive feedback helps managers refine offerings, ensuring sustained success and competitive edge in the Airbnb/STR market.

  • Accounting & Payment Distribution

    Handling payment distribution and accounting simplifies finances for property owners, ensuring timely, accurate payouts. Our expertise mitigates errors, saves time, and provides a clear financial overview, allowing owners to focus on their investment's returns rather than intricate financial details.

Ready to elevate your Airbnb hosting experience? Contact us for a free consult!

  • Qualify Your Property

    One of our housekeeping associates will visit your home and ensure your property is ready to be listed!

  • Review & Sign Service Agreement

    Our rental agreement is month to month service agreement. Upon cancellation you would owe any future bookings but no long term hassle.

  • Onboarding Checklist

    We will share our Onboard Checklist template for you to complete and go over a call to ensure we've confirmed all the details of your home.

  • List Your Property

    Finally, our team will list your property on Airbnb and ensure it has as much details as possible and has dynamic pricing. We will go through final touches such as a deep clean and installing security devices.

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